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Ensure your Steam System is Optimized and Ready for Winter

For many years, customers have trusted Process & Steam Specialties to help them with their steam system and equipment reliability.

Process & Steam Specialties utilizes the local expertise and precision trap survey instruments such as U.E Systems UltraProbe to provide a high precision judgment of each of your steam trap’s operation status.

Ensuring proper steam system operation will help your site improve safety, reliability and profitability by minimizing condensate problems and steam loss, thereby reducing plant energy use, maintenance and CO2 emissions.

About Process & Steam Specialties

Since the 1940s, Process & Steam Specialties (PSS) has provided innovative product and service solutions to the industrial process industry.

As Canada's leader of process solutions, PSS provides Steam Trap Management solutions that improve your organization's productivity, efficiency, and safety. We recognize that reliable steam systems start with reliable equipment, proper installation and application.

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