SK – Balanced Pressure Traps

Balanced Pressure Traps

Process & Steam Specialties strives to provide innovative and competitively priced solutions from premium manufacturers for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to; power, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage. To learn more about the balanced pressure traps available in Saskatchewan, view the information below, with the option to download further product information.


TLV’s balanced pressure trap have no leak through the trap orifice, due to the durability and smooth sealing of the ball valve. The thermo-element is protected from overexpansion by the upper coil spring, providing stable performance and long life.

Forbes Marshall

The Forbes Marshall Tracer Line Trap FMTLT53 / Air Vent FMAV53 can be used for air venting application from steam mainlines or as a steam trap for tracer line application for removal of sub cooled condensate.

Watson McDaniel

Watson McDaniel’s balanced pressure traps are used to drip, tracer and process applications. These traps have excellent air venting capability, self freezing for anti freezing and are available in a wide range of pressure (up to 650 psig)