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Forbes Marshall products distributed by Process & Steam Specialties

Control Valves

Pressure Regulators

Automatic Pump Traps

Mechanical Condensate Pumps


Air Eliminators

Air Vents

Flow Meters

Moisture Separators

Piston Valves

Steam & Condensate Manifolds

Steam Diffusers

Steam Injectors

Vacuum Breakers

Vent Heads


Back Pressure Regulators

Direct Acting Regulators

Pilot Operated Regulators

Automatic Pump Traps

Balanced Pressure Traps

Bimetallic Traps

Compact Traps

Float & Thermostatic Traps

Inverted Bucket Traps

Liquid Drainers

Steam & Condensate Manifolds

Thermodynamic Traps

Temperature Control Valves

Automatic Pump Traps

Mechanical Pumps

About Forbes Marshall

Forbes Marshall Canada Inc. (FM Canada) is a supplier of industrial process equipment and instrumentation. With a multitude of products ranging from standard isolation valves, to sensing instruments, to specialized desuperheating valves, Forbes Marshall offers a range of industrial process solutions.

Forbes Marshall’s on-site engineers are qualified and capable at assessing applications utilizing various media, including oil, gas, and steam, and designing complete process solutions.

Forbes Marshall offers loose product solutions, such as assembled and fully tested control valves, to complete packages, such as desuperheating and metering stations.

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