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Flex-Pression custom manufactures flexible convoluted hoses, stainless steel braids, metal hose assemblies and expansion joints. Our products meet all compliance requirements from the oil, pulp and paper, steel industries and many more.

Created in 1973, Flex-Pression Ltd. is a Canadian company specializing in flexible piping systems, convoluted hoses and stainless steel braids. Our quality products give us a leading position in the country. From our facilities in Lasalle, Quebec, to our satellite in Mississauga, Ontario, we manufacture complete flexible metal hose assemblies in all calibers.

We offer a comprehensive range for industrial applications of all types, for temperatures ranging from -100F (-73C) to +500F (+260C). We are a major supplier to the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries in high purity flexible piping systems which meet FDA and Pharmacopeia Class VI approvals.

Our high-calibre engineering service enables us to design and provide hoses and metal or fluoropolymer expansion joints, even for the most demanding applications. The Flex-Pression Quality Assurance Program is ISO 9001-2015 certified. This enables us to ensure and maintain our commitment to supplying the highest standard in flexible piping systems to almost any customer.

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