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Providing systems and equipment for liquid flow, level measurement and chemical metering applications. Our rugged, reliable and cost effective products are backed by old fashioned customer service. Typical markets served include water & wastewater treatment, chemical, food & dairy, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, energy management, power and irrigation.

ISOMAG™ Electromagnetic Flowmeters and Flomotion Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Ultrasonic Level Meters do not obstruct the liquid flow and have no moving parts.

Our unique sealless Flomotion Peristaltic Pumps eliminate loss-of- prime failures in chemical feed applications and are built for harsh industrial service.

FS and FR SERIES of industrial peristatlic hose pumps provide high levels of volumetric accuracy for sampling and metering applications. FS and FR Series pumps are available in 15 different sizes that provide flow rates up to 38,000 GPH.

In addition to magmeters, non-contact ultrasonic flow meters and hose pumps we offer positive displacement oval gear sensors and Clamp-on Transit Time Ultrasonic flow meters and Chemical Feed System accessories.

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