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Accurate Steam Trap Surveys!

Since the 1940s, Process & Steam Specialties (PSS) has been providing innovative product and service solutions to the industrial process industry. As Canada's leader of process solutions, PSS provides Steam Trap Management solutions that improve your organization's productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Over time, leaking steam traps slowly escalate your total operational energy costs. All your steam systems must have a proper condensate removal. The PSS' team of steam trap experts will inspect your systems, ensuring they are operating optimally and that you aren't throwing away valuable dollars on lost energy.

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Unlike the competition, PSS doesn't use out-dated methods to produce accurate results. Instead, we use the latest diagnostic tools like TLV's TrapMan device. Using the TrapMan, our team of steam trap experts will uncover deep-rooted trap related issues resulting from things like improper steam trap selection, installation, and operation.

TrapMan's accuracy is due to its automatic analysis of each steam trap. Reports are generated by the TrapMan's proprietary Steam Trap Management software, which contains a wealth of functions; human-errors are now a thing of the past!

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