BC – High Purity Valves

High Purity Valves

Process & Steam Specialties strives to provide innovative and competitively priced solutions from premium manufacturers for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to; power, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage. To learn more about the high purity valves available in British Columbia, view the information below, with the option to download further product information.


IMI PBM produces standard and custom sanitary valve products for services required to facilitate CIP/ SIP, minimize contamination and reduce downtime. PBM’s absolute mission is to provide time lasting designs which help their users produce high quality pharmaceuticals and biologicals.

A-T Controls

A-T Controlsā€™ Series HP high purity ball valves feature a high quality forging. BPE compliant hygienic clamp or tube ends. Superior leak protection is accomplished by using a live-loaded packing system featuring Belleville washers and chevron (vring) packing.