J O I N     A    W I N N I N G    T E A M !

As a leading Canadian industrial products distributor,
we are often looking for key people
to assist in our aggressive growth plan.
If you feel you have the skills that we may be looking for,
please submit your resume,
via an E-Mail attachment, to the location nearest you.

Ontario & Manitoba
Process & Steam Specialties - Head Office

Email: David Terry dterry@processandsteam.com

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Territories
Process & Steam Specialties - Edmonton
Email: Glenn Babrikels gbabrikels@processandsteam.com

Province of Quebec
Conval Quebec - Quebec City Office
Email: Michel Lemay mlemay@convalquebec.com

Atlantic Provinces
Process & Steam Specialties - Nova Scotia

Email: Tim Frankton tfrankton@processandsteam.com

Process & Steam Specialties - Newfoundland

Email: Martin Ouellet mouellet@convalquebec.com